Sam Weidner

Sam WeidnerSam Weidner

Date Submitted: Feb 20, 2003

Plan To Attend 50th Class Reunion?

Spouse's Name:
Years Married: Single 4 years

Where I Live In Now: Elkhart, IN

Number of Children: 3
Number of Grandchildren: 7
Number of Great Grandchildren: 0

Work history: Last 30 years as CEO of my company

When retired, plan to move to: I live part time in Montana now

Hobbies: Fly fishing, golf , skiing, horse riding,hiking

Have traveled to: All over the world

Of interest to other classmates: Miss seeing some of my old friends that have not been to the reunions.

I started my own company called Patriot Homes, inc. in 1972, we build and retail factory built homes. We are the 10th largest factory built home builder and the 12th largest home builder in the country including all builders, site built and factory built. We believe we are now the largest privately owned builder in the country. I am already partially retired and will continue that way for the indefinite future.

Things I remember about Albion High School: The varity of friends from all areas of interest

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