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The new Albion High School Class Of 1958 website aims to keep you informed about upcoming class reunions, past class reunions, finding old friends, and much more. We're also wide open to any ideas that you have for the site.

Everyone in the Cass of '58 has a Personal Web Page. You can see it by clicking on your name on the "Classmates" page. Things have changed for all of us in the five years since our last reunion. New grandchildren (maybe even great grandchildren!), new career, maybe you've retired and live in a new place, or have done some traveling. On this page you can update your info and we'll add it to your page.

Please fill in the form below and we'll add or update your Personal Page.

Photos: We'd like photos of yourself now, and others of interest like your hobby, travel, old reunions, classmates, etc. You can e-mail them to or snail mail them to Julie Strickler Smith, who will carefully scan and return them to you. Send photos to:

Julie Smith
81 Seacape Drive
Muir Beach, CA 94965


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