Classmates - Stray Wildcats

We have lost track of some of our Wildcat classmates. Thanks to Earl Nystrom's undaunted persistence, many of them were rounded up and returned to the fold in time for the 45th Reunion. We need help finding the following friends:

Carol Adams
Russell Breidenger
Mary Coppes
Nancy Culver
Don Drumm
Judy (Hoag) Hessinger
Grace Hose
Karen (Hult) Detweiler
Ruth (Jankovic) Brown
Ruth (Jansohn) Persails
Roxanne Morgan
Vernice (Noakes) Gaines
Sylvia Rogers
Richard Russell
Murray Shultz
Kathy Smith
William Stallworth
Betty Jo Warren
Betty Jean Williamson

Please email us with any information you have. Thanks!