Alice (Van Order) White

Alice Van OrderAlice Van Order

Date Submitted: April 24, 2008

Plan To Attend 50th Class Reunion? Yes

Spouse's Name: Roy
Years Married: Almost 47 years, a long time!

Where I Live In Now: Lake Geneva, WI

Number of Children: 4 - 2 boys, 2 youngest started kindergarten when my oldest started college and I went back to school full time in 1981.
Number of Grandchildren: 7
Number of Great Grandchildren: 9 - from 20 to 5 years old.

Work history: That's a hard one. Off and on I've worked, here and there, attended college off and on. I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up and got serious. I received my AS in 1982, my BFA in 1984, my MA in 1986, my MFA in painting in 1988 while raising 4 very involved children. I think each of them joined everything they could. I think I set the example and they all went on to obtain many degrees between them. I teach part time, adjunct professor for a couple colleges. I work with galleries in Chicago and area (some of my classmates from Albion have been in my life sized paintings of groups of people, you now sit in Board rooms or Lawyer's offices)...I continue to take classes, now I am auditing Sculpture classes at Whitewater College near me, getting into bronze and iron, life size figures...It's fun working with the young students.

When retired, plan to move to: I will never retire, this is my husband took early retirement last year when the company he was with was bought out. He was a research Chemist with the old Morton Salt Co.

Hobbies: My grandchildren and my traveling...

Have traveled to:One of our favorite things is traveling, been to Europe a few times, Africa, Sri Lanka, usually following the kids somewhere..recently joined Friendship Force which promotes travel exchanges world wide....

Of interest to other classmates: We lost our youngest daughter at 24, 8 years ago, a hard one, but it pushed me into a new direction and I have met new people and have had a lot of new wonderful experiences because of it. My policy is to take something bad and make good come out of it.

One of our favorite things at home is kayaking, got into that a couple years ago. I still do some teaching, I doubt if I will ever really retire...having too much fun.

Things I remember about Albion High School: The teachers, my friends, Band and the trips and all the day to day things that teenagers do. It helped form who we are today... my mom still lives in Albion and when I return, it's sad to see what the town has become. In 58 it was vibrant, it was alive, I wish it could be again. We now live in a vacation town, by the lake... many antique shops and speciality shops... I've seen many times how artists and galleries can almost overnight change a slum area of town into a community again in different parts of the states, I wish that could happen in Albion? Albion has a lot of history, I wish that could be developed so people would return. I don't know Albion, I don't know Mich. anymore, I don't know the reality of the situation...have fun at the reunion.

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Washington Gardner Grade School
'Life size' painting I did of my grade school class at Washington Gardner... some of you may be in it... don't remember all the names... but know Joan, Gary Seitler, Kay Kemler, Sam Weidner, Dave Morgan, me in the red coat, etc...the kids are life size...if you are in it, you now hang in a lawyer's office down in chicago... I've had a lot of fun exploring the art world.
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