Earl Nystrom

Earl NystromEarl Nystrom

Date Submitted: Feb 5, 2003 Updated Mar 05 - Earl passed away February 19, 2006

In Memory: Earl passed away February 19, 2006.

Spouse's Name: Peggy - Peggy is from Nashville, TN (Class of 1966)
Years Married: 29 great years to Peggy

Where I Live In Now: Phoenix, AZ

Number of Children: 5
Number of Grandchildren: 19 (so far)
Number of Great Grandchildren: None, so far

Work history: First ten years was in wholesale business of which I became General Manager. Left Michigan in 1968 to go with national company. Traveled Eastern half of U.S. and Canada for 5 years then promoted (moved to Phoenix) National Marketing Manager with art department, copywriters, print buyers, etc. Started selling real estate in 1979 in greater Phoenix/Scottsdale area. Honored as one of the TOP 30 REALTORS Lifetime in Phoenix. Also started and still have company that sells supplies to REALTORS nation-wide, have 491 web sites.

When retired, plan to move to: Love working, don't want to retire any time soon, maybe never. Will stay in Phoenix, AZ, it's like vacation all the time; maybe Alaska in Summer

Hobbies: Carving wood/painting wood: Ducks, Birds, Fish (see below); Fishing in Alaska/Mexico; Travel

Have traveled to: All 50 states (many times each), Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica and several countries in Europe

Of interest to other classmates: I attended the 10th Class Reunion and never went again until the 40th & 45th and had a great time meeting and seeing old friends and classmates after so many years. Wish I had attended every Reunion but because of work, travel, and other commitments was unable. The tour of the old high school was great, sorry to see the desks from the old study hall were missing... really wanted to see where I had carved my initials many, many years ago (ha!)

Things I remember about Albion High School: Good friends, dating, rock & roll, dances, great cars. Duck hunting with Harlo Haines, Dave "Animal" Morgan, and others. Art class with Miss Philips which helped me greatly with jobs I have had and my hobby today.

Personal website: www.PhoenixScottsdaleHomes.com and www.CarvingsByEarl.com

Work website: www.SuperiorRealEstateSupply.com

Photos: Below are a few of the 200+ carvings that I have done.