Lois (Lambrecht) HuiZar

Lois LambrechtLois Lambrecht

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Plan To Attend 50th Class Reunion?

Spouse's Name: Widow
Years Married:

Where I Live In Now: Stevens Point, WI

Number of Children: 2
Number of Grandchildren:  0
Number of Great Grandchildren: 0

Work history: Taught Elementary Grades in Battle Creek and Union City. Founding Member of the Albion Montessori School Currently an Assistant Profession at UWSP where I teach ComputerResearch, and English as a Second Language.

When retired, plan to move to: An around the world cruise ship, book a cabin for 1 Year. See all the places I have been, again. And New places too. After that? Wherever I am, it will be the right place at the right time.

Hobbies: Professional Astrologer and Reiki Master

Have traveled to: ESL Certification allows me to spend summers teaching in many different countries. I have lived for a year in the Orient and taught at the University of SooChow, as well as, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, China, Japan. Hong Kong, Taiwan, and most of Europe.

Of interest to other classmates: A little history lesson? My Mother was the secretary for the Superintendent of Schools and their office was attached to Mr. Williams office. I heard everything. Did you know, 52% of our class went on to college in the Fall? Highest per cent ever in Albion’s history. Our class was not only intelligent but highly creative.

Things I remember about Albion High School: With the above in mind, please note that the Administration, Principle, staff and teachers thought we were HELLIONS!!!! The worst class ever. We Rocked!!

E-mail address: lhuizar@uwsp.edu

Personal website:

Work website: http://library.uwsp.edu http://library.uwsp.edu