William Cook, Jr.

William Cook, JrWilliam Cook, Jr

Date Submitted: April23, 2003

Plan To Attend 50th Class Reunion?

Spouse's Name: Shellie
Years Married: 32

Where I Live In Now: Levittown, PA

Number of Children: 5
Number of Grandchildren: 3
Number of Great Grandchildren: 0

Work history: U S Airways; Detroit & Philadelphia. Retired Jan, 02 (32 yrs, 6 mos)

When retired, plan to move to:

Hobbies: Computers, Traveling across country

Have traveled to: US, coast to coast

Of interest to other classmates: After serving in the Air Force from 1960-1963, I return to Albion, later in 1969 I began working for Allegeny Airlines in Detroit. In 1971 I was transferred to Philadelphia, PA where I worked for 32 years, 25 years as a supervisor of ramp, cargo, and ground operation tower. I retired in Feb, 2002 from U S Airlines and work part-time as security for Burns/Pinkerton

Things I remember about Albion High School:

E-mail address: cook.w@verizon.net

Personal website:

Work website: